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News & Updates

New Event. Big Bonus!!!

Bonus 5% when you deposit 5 btc or more to Standard Plan.
Please contact us via after you deposit.

Best regards.
Bit Trading No.1 Limited.

Oct-1-2017 06:30:20 PM

Change the amount of confirmation for active deposit !

Dear investors,

We have little change in case of bitcoin investment. Need 5 confirmation for investment to take effect. After we have completed the payment system we will return to the initial state.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,
Bit Trading No.1 Limited

Sep-25-2017 05:49:56 PM

Withrawal Fee !!!

Hi all investors,
We are upgrading instantly paying system then we will charge fee for withdrawal: 0.00005 BTC.

Sep-23-2017 06:33:30 AM

We sincerely announce our investment website has launched

- Bit Trading No.1 Limited is a new system of relations between investors and a team of professional traders in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin..., the best conditions of trust management and win-win investment strategy.
- You do not need to have any special education or experience - just your wish to earn money and provide yourself a decent life.
- Today our automated platform allows anyone to become an investor and earn on a daily basis with different investment plans.

Sep-16-2017 04:37:24 PM